Andy Hadaway

Composer, Playwright, Bon Vivant.

Andy likes to show people a good time. Sometimes he cooks New Yorkers cheese enchiladas. Sometimes he drinks a sea breeze on a sailboat. Sometimes he plays a song or two. Sometimes he makes people dress up in a cardboard box and pretend to wage war on a hideous band of Pig Monsters. Usually he makes people smile. He spends most of his time in New York City these days but when he’s really bad, he’s nationwide.

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Heather Coffey

Producer, Requisitions Officer, Con Artist.

Never gives up. Ever. Likes whistling in the dark, fireworks, and Jacques Cousteau. And trapeze artists. Usually found up a tree, on the roof, or up to no good. Loves a really good story, and really rare meat.


Nurk Njorksen

Troubadour, Nacho Expert

When he’s not sitting on his porch in a Korean bathrobe with a cup of tea, Nurk performs with Austin-based musical projects the Seas ( and Fancy Ladies. He can also be found crossing city bridges at night with his head full of germs of ideas about mood and movement. This is his third and final tinyblackhearts production–unless they promise him more Mediterranean food next time.

 Beth Schindler

 Busy Bee

I am a little nervous about what to write. So I will make it short and sweet. Beth is a small and busy  bee. She works with many hives. Organizing, plotting, scheming, and playing. With no love bigger than the one she has for the community the tiny black hearts is the perfect family.

Zeke Brill

PiEMAN. Savant.

Zeke is a vagabond, libertine, and raconteur. A lover of algorithmic visuals and tragicomic lyrics, he can create a hilarious Venn diagram about any subject. His long awaited return to the stage follows an extended hiatus of zookeeping and pie eating.

Leah Moss

Writer, Comedian, Competitive Dancer

Embraces Spirits of all kinds, but mostly the alcoholic and Woodland. Leah has been a Tiny Black Heart for years, manifesting her worst nightmares in each performance with showgirl regalia, and sweet ass dance moves.

Ariele Baragona

Jersey Born. Boston Trained. Texas Found.

Light nerd, 35mm and 120mm film aficinado, polaroid dreamer, digital camera slinger. Lover of the written word, comic books, brown sugar, primary colors (both projected and reflected), strong coffee, the tides of the ocean, and the moon.

Nathan Black


Nathan is a pacifist swordsman, a duelist that has never been in a fight, a gentleman adventurer of the mind and world at large. He is a collaborative storyteller and apocalypse aficionado. He is a cat man.

Harold Lehman


Harold often prefers the company of soulless machines and waits patiently for the coming of our robot masters. In the mean time he dabbles in sonicscapping, a bit of painting and enjoys an occasional beverage with some of his doomed human companions

Michael Yates


Michael was born on a Monday into the warm and open arms of stage fright. A merciful God saw to it that early in Yates’ acting career he would be lovingly and sensibly typecast in non-speaking animal roles, and he has found safe refuge there. Biding his time as a “local woodworker” until he gets his big break, Yates hopes that mismanagement of personal finances, ladyboy stories, and the Nash Bridges themed wedding of his youth will prove themselves to be funny anecdotes for his Inside the Actors Studio interview. He would also like to coolly and casually refer to Robert DeNiro as “Bob”. Just once.