Review: Dandilion and the Bicycle Powered Cloud Plane

By Richard Hinojosa |

A healthy imagination can bring your dreams to life. Dandilion and the Amazing Bicycle-Powered Cloud Plane seems like a dream to me. It’s set in a world where creative play occupies every minute and the characters pour every ounce of energy they have into playing. It’s an enjoyable production on par with watching a kids show.


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Who Are You to Judge the Pig People?

by Robert Tumas |

In the Tiny Black Hearts theater company’s blog, one line stands out: “Donations are more than appreciated and heartily approved of, we are after all, orphans.” The sentiment informs the Hearts’ latest offering, Dandelion and the Amazing Bicycle Cloud Plane at The Brick as part of the always surprising Too Soon Festival through June 27. Cloud Plane is about the imagination of childhood and the absence of authority, and though the Hearts may not be orphans in the literal sense, they stand alone in other ways, producing theater by themselves without the backing of any larger outfit.


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Interview with Andy Hadaway

By Byrne Harrison |

Q: How long have you been involved in theatre?


A: The tiny black hearts productions has been in existence for three years. Members are required to forget everything that came before (as they must promise to never do anything else ever again if they leave the family… At risk of severe punishment). This is sixth performance in that time. The previous include three plays, a circus/cabaret, and a street initiative. We have also participated in and curated several parades. We are based in Texas but have recently opened a cell in New York City. This performance will be the first bi-coastal endeavor. In fact many of the performers and production staff will meet for the first time the day before the premiere!


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