We were birthed on a bar stool. The beers and shots impregnated our collective mind with tales of castanets and mermaids and the circus and marching bands. And through goodwill and enterprise we are making our dreams come true. We have no creed but that we shall keep ourselves entertained and invite as many fine folks as are willing to join us along. Our adventures have been large and small. They have been painstakingly planned and spur of the moment. The one thing they all have in common… is magic.


the ultra adventures of friends & rivals harry & frank

Multiple venues | Brooklyn, Austin | November 2010

Frank and Harry are old friends. Really old friends. When they were kids they ran a race that became the source of legend. They were the Tortoise and the Hare. This is their real story. The two old guys reminisce over a game of dominoes about the good old days and in turn give us a glance at The Ultra Adventures of Friends and Rivals Frank and Harry… There is romance, space travel, and a trip to France. All narrated by lovely singing Siamese triplets.


Photos are up now.


dandelion and the bicycle-powered cloud plane

The Too Soon Festival | Brooklyn, NY | June 2010


love and chaos

Quasi-Public Spectacle | Austin, TX | November 2009

From Rio Rita, Guerrilla Promenading down the street of 6th, back alleyways, train tracks, Cliff edges, and ultimately to the dreamcloud that is Bollywood. The story of tragic love, government arch villians, diabolical hench men, tornadoes, near escapes, and ending in a Bollywood number…


love and death feed the flowers

Monofonus Press Compound | Austin, TX | March 2009


mia belle’s mermaid parade and carnival

Quasi-Public Spectacle | Austin, TX

More meandering the alleys and side streets of East Austin and to The Scoot Inn. In homage to the glorious traditions of Coney Island and it’s fantastic Mermaid Parade, 6yr old mermaid, Mia-Belle roused her aquatic companions from the shallows and depths fathoms down to squish, slip, and slide down the boulevard in support of their carnie coastal city. Joined in her Chevy Conch Shell chariot, King Neptune and Queen Mermaid shepherded the parade with Battle Seahorses, till her Carnival was landed.



yvonne and yvette in the show must go on

Beerland | Austin, Texas | March 2008

Two dirty gypsies, Yvonne and Yvette, engaging in such continuous philosophical debates as “Is Corn a real food?”, run afoul of Her Majesty’s Navy, Blood-thirsty Pirates, The Kracken, and The Isle of Mariachi. Hi-jinks, of course ensued…


mexi-arte’s dia de los muertos parade

quasi-public spectacle| downtown Austin, Texas | november 2007

Clicking and dragging down the Boneyard of Historic 6th and 5th streets of Downtown Austin ….. To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Frida Kahlo’s birthday, The Mexi-Arte Museum in Austin, Tx selected the theme of their annual Dia de Los Muertos Procession to be 100 Frida’s. Grabbing a handful of cemetery dust, scattering it over a cliff, murmuring an incantation, the Directors of this Monument to Meican Art and Culture summoned the lost spirits of The Andypants Fanfair Windjammers to corporalize once again and lead the ghosts and shadows of the night to their families and final destinations….


banana vs. monkey

quasi-public spectacle| downtown Austin, Texas | August 2007

Darting down the alleys and thoroughfares of Downtown Austin …. We had a deal. I got the circus (see below), he got Banana vs. Monkey. One hot summer Texas night, a vengeful Banana took the law into it’s own hands. The Monkey had no right, no right at all to touch the Banana’s family. The results of this vigilante justice are only whispered about amongst those unlucky enough to bare witness. The infamous and historic streets of Congress Ave. and 6th street still ring with the horror…


elsie jackson’s crackerjack circus and ballyhoo

quasi-public spectacle| Austin, Texas | June 2007

Wandering the streets of East Austin and The Scoot Inn …. I wanted to throw a circus. So we made one. A rag tag group of dreamers and fully frightened friends gathered at Chad Nichols and Pam Colloff’s house. The circus whiskey was broken out, and as The Andypants Fanfair Windjammers lined up, our fully trained performing professionals began to promenade to and fro, startling Clydesdales and delighting the neighbors, till we reached The Scoot Inn.